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Data-driven and multi-platform content strategies

Content strategies are essential to current and potential client communication. We utilize content strategies to engage users in all forms of your conversion funnel.

Why Do I Need a Content Strategy?

Your content strategy is the foundation of your SEO efforts. A proper content strategy will focus on your current website, social media, and marketing automation messaging, along with the proper planning and execution of content to be delivered. A content strategy should work in lockstep with your Internet Marketing and SEO strategies. For our clients in the B2C space, search engine optimization, social media, and marketing automation are key areas of engagement. For our clients in the B2B space, we may elect to begin with white papers, gated content, and then marketing automation. We require all of our clients to have a digital marketing strategy in place prior to the development of a content strategy.

A Personalized Plan

We are sure you have heard it as much as we have said it, but we will say it again - Content is King. Yuck, we know. As terrible as it is to say it, it remains true. While it is paramount to create meaningful content on a regular basis, it doesn’t mean that on page copy (OPC) needs to be rewritten on a monthly basis, nor does it require you to blog monthly. Your content strategy should be to create and support content that drives results. In order to produce proper content to support your marketing initiatives, we use the following process to outline the lifecycle of your content:
  • Content Audit: Used primarily to “set the bar” for your current content and SEO health, our content audits review your OPC, SEO, URLs, and interior linking strategies. Essentially, this audit will conclude WHAT you say to search engines, and HOW they receive it. 
  • Competitor Content Audit: We review all immediate competitors in your market to determine the strength of their content and SEO efforts. We also pull a direct comparison of their efforts to your current rankings. We then begin to outline a content strategy around your SEO strategy to drive your rankings up while driving theirs down. 
  • On-Site Strategy: This is a very technical outline of how content will be created on-site. For content to have a premium impact, new content must follow the protocol set forth by our SEO strategists. We then follow the title, meta, URL, and site taxonomy rules that have been recommended by your SEO plan. 
  • Content Creation: After the planning and rules have been set forth, we consult with you on “low hanging fruit” all the way up to complex content and longer-tail goals based on your SEO plan. 
  • Maintenance & Growth: Your content plan should never be maintained like that bottomless pit in Sparta. Content needs to follow a set strategy, but also it needs to be reviewed, analyzed, and amended to ensure premium deliverability to current and potential clients. 

Content Creation For Key Personas

The true success of your business is to understand all of the data points, nuances, likes, dislikes, location, willingness to travel for the products or services you sell, age, gender, income, and buying signals of your current and potential customers. Once these personas have been developed, all of your marketing efforts should be tailored to attracting, convincing, and converting your key personas. This data-informed marketing tactic removes all of the guesswork by providing a full-fledged consumer audience and all of the touchpoints necessary to attract each and every one of them to your brand, products, or services.
Personal Attention

Content & Keyword Audits

To understand where you want to go, we have to analyze where you currently are. We perform a comprehensive audit on your current rankings, then examine your competitors, personas, and the appropriate keywords/phrases to target as we help you grow.
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Competitor Analysis

We review all immediate competitors in your market to determine the strength of their content and SEO efforts. We also pull a direct comparison of their efforts to your current rankings. We then begin to outline a content strategy around your SEO strategy to drive your rankings up while driving theirs down. At Prediction Digital, we don't create content to service menial objectives, we create content to scale our client's visibility, to inspire users to take action, and to further matriculate web-based visitors (both on and off-page) through our clients' conversion funnel.

Deployment of On-Page and Off-Page Optimized Content

Now, more than ever, content is being consumed on a multitude of different platforms. While this creates nothing but opportunity for the data-informed and intelligent marketing teams, this can be perceived as daunting and confusing on a marketing level. Your Content Strategy team will review all dates, purpose, keyword goals, persona targets, and on/off page delivery of your content. Content is not to be confused with just On-Page (OPC) when Prediction Digital creates a content strategy, all forms of content, messaging, and goals are aligned with our clients’ digital marketing strategy.
Dedicated Meetings with your Internet Marketing Expert
Communication is Key

Bi-Monthly Progress Meetings

90% of marketing relationships fail due to a common lack of communication. At Prediction Digital, we pride ourselves on having bi-monthly progress meetings for each client. This allows us to reaffirm your goals as well as speak to our progress and make any changes to your marketing strategy.
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Comprehensive Reporting

Growth and Continued Analysis

Content creation, if done correctly, will begin to yield search engine results. Once we have properly created content and mapped out a content strategy, we quickly switch gears and our SEO experts work with our clients monthly to review results.
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