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Marketing Automation Services

Marketing Automation can be as simple as a dynamic email marketing plan to better communicate with your current mailing lists or a robust multi-channel marketing mix to grow your customer base. The key component in your marketing plan is to identify your current customer base while analyzing your location or locations for potential clients and markets. As with everything we offer, in order to create an effective marketing automation plan you need to have a custom and personalized approach.


Lead Scoring and CRM Integration:

Marketing automation also allows you to build deeper relationships with your customers by providing the ability to create multi-touch campaigns that inspire customers throughout their journey. This not only helps solidify the budding relationship between your company and your new clients – it helps build better clients that will be more reliable.

Lifetime Value Clients:

When we talk about successfully scaling a business, we want to not only drive more leads, but we want to connect your business with clients that will continue to use your business. These customers that continue to use your services and even refer new clients to you are your “lifetime value” clients.

Whereas most marketing agencies only focus on one or two lead generation metrics, we focus on growing and improving your company in all meaningful ways.

Making Your Data Work for YOU CRM Integration & Automation:

CRM Integration and Automation are pivotal launch points to your automation process. Marketing Automation needs to provide a potential client with appropriate dialog during the buying process, but it also needs to inform your sales team of benchmarks earned by hot and cold buyers. Our integration process not only begins the conversation externally, it flawlessly integrates into your sales process.

Content Creation:

Marketing Automation requires a massive amount of creative content, graphics, email marketing paths, and messaging in order to fully reflect your brand and the goals we have for each of your created personas (both existing clients and potential clients). The content creation process for Marketing Automation will create multiple journeys for targeted current and potential clients.

Deployment and Optimization of Marketing Automation Campaign:

Marketing Automation isn’t a “set it and forget it” marketing plan. While all of the data and research has been meticulously planned, real-time analysis, edits, and information garnered by on-page submissions, and input from your sales team are all required to run an efficient campaign. Your project manager will meet with you regularly to gauge user response, sales engagement, and inform you of any adjustments that are needed to further amplify your results.

Lead Scoring and CRM Integration Managing Automated Conversions

Marketing automation is designed to drive leads and engage potential customers from multiple sources. In order to properly scale your business, marketing leads need to be scored to properly manage profitability. As your marketing partner, we will discuss in detail which lead sources are driving customers most effectively. We will also integrate lead scoring (when possible) into your CRM. Lead scoring along with an effective understanding of your consumer personas will help drive what is most important – revenue.

Persona Development:

Persona development is more than just putting a basic likeness to a potential client group or client target. We use your existing client data to generate accurate persona data, as well as industry research to predict gaps in your consumer market. Your marketing automation plan will function as an extension of your brand and communicate flawlessly based on your potential client’s position in the buying cycle.

Lets Talk About Marketing Automation

Make no mistake about it, there is a lot of heavy lifting required before marketing automation can begin. But, with an expert team like ours by your side, we can make the process as seamless as possible for you. We understand that not every business is the same and tailor our approach to match your specific goals.

To learn more about how we could help take your business to the next level with marketing automation, reach out to us today.

CRM/Email Marketing Database Audit

For most medium and small businesses, in both the B2B and B2C space, over time a CRM becomes a wasteland for old client data that has been poorly maintained and inefficiently scored. As a Marketing Automation company, before we begin creating key concepts to engage and attract new users, we will perform a full audit of your CRM to understand the potential – even in old/dead contacts. CRM audits also help us, as your marketing partners, determine your ideal client types, these types feed into our persona creation. Once your CRM has been audited, and Personas have been created, the Marketing Automation process begins to take fold.