Looking for a metal building marketing company? Well, you came to the right place. It has never been easier to scale a small business. People have unprecedented access to search out solutions for their needs, and conversely, you have unprecedented access to those people. The trick is to fully understand what drives a converting customer, and as the song goes “accentuate the positive, and eliminate the negative” and for God’s sake – stop being ok with being Mr. Inbetween.

Developing a firm grasp on current buyers:

If you are looking to scale your business it’s vital that you understand why customers have purchased from you. For a Carport/Metal Building/Shed company, it probably starts with a need, then quickly transitions to timing/budget. Creating a set group of questions that qualify a buyer during the sales process is a great place to start.

Once you have a firm grasp on why customers buy from you, the next step would be to define clients that have previously purchased from you into qualified buyer personas.  When we say “qualified buyer personas” we mean that you have taken your client database and broken it out into product purchase segments organized by price, location, and (if possible through your CRM) purchasing duration. A qualified agency will then take your CRM data and create tangible personas that are leveraged by data.  In the past, we have encountered clients that had gone through great lengths to create “Personas” and when we asked how they came to the personas they had created they said, “we made them up”.

Leveraging data can create exact personas: Location, Age, Sex, Marital Status, Property, Size of Home, Average Salary, Profession and hundreds of data points more. The key is to align the correct data to the correct personas, create lookalike audiences, and begin to correctly and intelligently take over the world.

Sales, CRM, and Advanced Segments:

Once you have developed your personas, it is vital that your Sales CRM, CRM/Delivery/Previous Customer Data, and Analytical Data are amended to categorize all traffic, buyers, lost sales, and referral customers with the same persona classifications. Once this foundation is set up and employees follow the process, you’re on the path to Predictive Marketing.

Follow Your Funnel:

Different personas will buy in different ways. After personas have been clearly identified, and some time has passed in order to fully analyze the data, your conversion funnel will begin to take shape.

Tire Kicker Tom (Persona Example) is someone that has the need but is fully motivated by price. As Tom returns to the site, his actions are scored. Since he meets the “Tire Kicker Tom” persona requirements, your sales team is instructed on how to close buyers like him.

Time is of the Essence Terry (Persona Example) is motivated by time. They are looking for a quick transaction (and they should be your favorite persona type). The faster you reply to them the faster you will have a closed transaction.

The key is to properly identify all of your client personas by using informed data and providing the experience they require from contact to close. Your marketing team and sales team need to work hand in hand in order for this process to truly scale your business.

The last piece of this interaction is to communicate to all parties that haven’t closed by using marketing automation to drive constant communication and to score the leads as they take action. Until they say they’re not buying, we want your company to be the one that tastefully reminds them that you’re ready to help.

Metal Building Marketing Services:

  • Website Design: An informative, engaging, and high-converting website is the best place to start when you want to grow/expand your metal building company. 
  • Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key foundation to the success of your metal business marketing efforts. Not only does SEO help your placements on Google and other search engines, but it can also help accurately describe your services, solutions, and coverage area to interested potential customers. 
  • Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing is quickly becoming the most valuable form of internet marketing services for metal building marketing efforts. Not only can your social media campaigns be highly interactive and targeted, but it’s also one of the only true mediums that allow a visual representation of your metal buildings. 
  • Google Maps Business Profiles: Google search works primarily on a localized scale. By correctly setting up your products/services/coverage area on Google Maps, you can generate key visibility in areas in or around your location. 

If you’re looking to scale your metal building business it’s important to work with a firm that has tangible experience in metal building marketing services. We offer free consultations and a number of solutions to help you grow efficiently. Our one-on-one approach to marketing will keep you keyed in to all pertinent details and marketing objectives on a bi-weekly basis.