Predictive Marketing has been labeled and documented a number of different ways by a number of different companies. To us, Predictive Marketing is the belief that when enough research, foundational edits, design and conversion edits, multi-channel marketing segments, and search engine optimization is performed in direct lockstep with our clients’ Vision, Mission, Objectives, and Goals, a true predictive “spend to gen” equation is achievable. Now, perfecting this model takes a lot of teamwork, analysis, and effort to achieve. That, however, is exactly how we’re built to work. 

Growing Intelligently: 

As a consultant, we have encountered clients with internal marketing teams that just wanted to generate more web-based visibility thinking that more traffic would lead to more sales. Once our standard marketing services (SEO, Paid Search, Social Media Marketing) achieved more website traffic, the marketing team was happy. During a marketing review, our client’s C-Level team began to ask about ROI as the increased traffic didn’t correlate to more sales or purchase orders. This is a common issue marketing companies face when they work with an inside marketing team that isn’t operating off of a marketing strategy. After our meeting with the C-level team, it was clear that we had to create a marketing identity and strategy. 

This occurrence allowed us to work with the C-level team (which we previously didn’t have direct access with) to uncover their VMOG, and also perform a marketing strategy to plot a course for success. Once the strategy was fully vetted and committed to from the top of the company all the way down to the internal marketing team, the mission was set in stone, and our we began to cycle in more traffic at varying levels of engagement. This approach allowed us to change the way we communicated based on the level of current engagement. The focus on the conversion funnel began to convert more traffic, and our client’s goal of achieving a higher ROI was met.  

An Obvious Transition: 

Internet Marketing has evolved from something as an arbitrary batch of paid keywords and a small marketing budget to drive traffic, to fully-fledged digital marketing campaigns powered by managed data and consumer data mining. Even small, single location clients, are aware of key metrics they deem necessary to their success. 

In every industry there is a learning curve. The learning curve in the digital marketing space is changing and growing every day. The metrics that were viable 2 years ago, aren’t really important factors anymore. Nearly every client we have worked with comes to the table with some knowledge, but at a certain point, they had to focus on growing and running their business and move away from being involved in some or all of the marketing decisions. We aim to be your marketing partner and once we know your goals, we create custom reports to reflect your VMOG, and work relentlessly to scale your business efficiently. 

The Expertise To Take You All The Way: 

Where companies of all shapes and sizes fail is having the know-how, experience, and time to market themselves effectively on all levels. Client retention, in most industries, is more important than new client conversions. Clients that are aware of you, trust you, love you, will typically spend more per visit and they are a great brand advocate for referral business. However, when we begin our analytical, VMOG, and SWOT analysis’ we uncover very little planning on the cultivation of the current client databases. In order to get you to a Predictive Marketing level, our team of experts will create a fully functioning web strategy to connect with consumers are every level. 

A Full Understanding of Consumer Engagement: 

The key to achieving a true Predictive Marketing metric is to analyze all facets of the client engagement funnel. An engagement funnel isn’t something that is created once and left alone to forever operate the same way, this is a living breathing solution that must be carefully reviewed and amended as marketing strategies and external factors shift. 

Goodbye to the “Set it and forget it” model: 

The “set it, and forget it” model refers to any “digital marketing agency” that sells a defined “package” and never comes up with new ideas, trends, solutions, or edits to your online marketing model. As a business owner, specifically for a smaller business owner, you will reach a point where marketing is seemingly driving new business. The “package” based solution might be working very well for you, and you’re happy. The issue I have with package based solutions is that there is no accountability for reaching a set group of measured goals. As we consult with businesses we analyze, work, and determine a concrete set of KPIs that are built specifically for reaching and achieving your goals. As the market changes, as a new and more financially viable competitor moves into your backyard, or as you want to scale into a 10th location, or begin to deliver products on a national level, you should have a team behind you that can strategize, plan, consult, and grow along with you. The rep at the “package agency” is just going to sell you another package. The smart move is to have a comprehensive analysis done by a qualified agency.