When we first interview a potential client, within the first 5 minutes we typically ask about CRM and customer data. While most clients are interested in growing their business, and their focus is usually on new clients, we want to understand the DNA of your existing clients. This focus isn’t to shift the conversation, on the contrary, if you can learn from your past, you can almost certainly predict your future. 

Aligning your focus: 

The internet is flooded with companies searching for “services” and while the realization that a marketing expert is needed, we believe that the focus immediately shifts from “I need you to make my business more money” to “I need marketing to drive new traffic to my website”. This is a very common mistake in the industry, and one we avoid from the outset. 

As a business owner, marketing manager, or CMO, you need our company to make you money. Our focus should only be on ROI. Granted, new consumer engagement is a vital part of this, but understanding and amplifying your communication with your existing client base, while creating qualified buyer personas that are built by using and mining your existing client data.

We believe that if you can learn from your past consumer data, you can almost certainly predict your future

Establishing a Lifetime Customer Value: 

Every business owner or general manager has said “I wish we had more clients like _____”. As your marketing partner, our goal is to find you more clients like _____. The clients we yearn for are loyal, trustworthy, patient, understanding, and refer more business to us. Every business owner or general manager would do backflips to connect with more customers like that. These customers are the ones that have a Lifetime Customer Value. 

For our clients in the automotive space, we know that our LCV customers will come in at the necessary intervals for maintenance and they trust our advisors to maintain their automobiles perfectly. There is no haggling, there is no distrust, there are no negative reviews. Our LCV customers have connected with our vision, mission, and values and we cannot imagine doing business without them. Your LCV clients are the ones you can remember off the top of your head, you might know their birthday and pets names, and they might even have you on their holiday card list. These are the consumers that proper data management and data mining can create set attributes to and allow our team to find potential consumers that fit the same data-sets. 

Why is Client Data Important? 

Data assets allow you to personalize your outreach to specific segments of your customer base, and to create lookalike audiences that meet the criteria of your LCV data-sets. Everyone understands the value of SEO – being first on Google Local, or Google Organic for a service or solution you provide is the most desirable goal outcome for any marketer or business owner. By managing your client data, a qualified marketing company can maximize your search results directly to the type of client that aligns with your LCV goals for client engagement. 

Client Data Value

Identifying your client data is essential to your growth.

  • Identify and create key personas
  • Establish a benchmark LCV for each persona
  • Create campaigns: Proactive (New Consumer Targets), Reactive (Existing and/or Previous Consumers)
  • Revise and Optimize

Consumer data helps marketing companies like us identify key signals and data-sets from your most profitable clientele to create informed personas. From there we create persona tags in your CRM, create advanced segments on Google Analytics, create multiple paths in our lead conversion funnels, and even use persona data to create our marketing automation emails and consumer outreach. We then take all of the key data-points from your key personas and create campaigns on social media to connect with new consumers that fit your exact persona targets.

Client Data and Predictive Marketing: 

Whether you have a single location or multi-location, or are a singular transaction type of company, understanding and correctly identifying key niches within your client data is paramount to your ongoing success in digital marketing. Your past client data is a veritable treasure trove of information that is waiting to be uncovered. 

As your client and CRM data grows over time, it will become more optimized and by default, so will your marketing ROI.